The Collectors

Hermann Rupf (1880—1962) worked in Frankfurt from 1901—1903 as a bank correspondent. It was there that he got to know Daniel–Henry Kahnweiler (1884—1979). After a sojourn in Paris, where he came in contact with Kahnweiler again, Rupf returned to Bern in 1905 to his father's textile business, which he managed as of 1908 together with his brother–in–law, Ruedi Hossmann (Hossmann & Rupf). Around the same time, 1907, Kahnweiler opened a gallery in Paris (1920—1940 known as Galerie Simon; as Galerie Louise Leiris) as of 1940. Rupf was one of his first clients and was to remain in close contact with him all his life.

Apart from their collecting activities, Mr and Mrs Rupf also championed artists and advised and supported many of them. In addition to being patrons of the arts, Mr Rupf was also socially involved and, in his capacity as art critic, played an important role in the dissemination and mediation of contemporary art. His texts and reviews can be read as a plea in favour of contemporary art and against a conservative arts policy. Mr Rupf was an active member of the Social Democratic Party.